Single License for kSpectra Toolkit is $99 (USD). Bulk purchase discounts are available at the following schedule (per copy):

2 to 3 copies: 15%

4 or more copies: 25%

To access our webstore and/or download a demo version please fill out the form below. Your email will be used only to send information about updates & special offers. 

To start application for a first time on 10.7 and higher:

1. In Finder, Control-click or right click the icon of the app.

2. Select Open from the top of contextual menu that appears.

Mac App Store

  1. -kSpectra (requires Mac OS 10.6.6+), fully featured app.

  1. -Free kSpectra Lite (requires Mac OS 10.6.6+) with limited features for custom data.

  2. -full features of Enhanced Functionality can be tested on demo data in Example Projects.  

  3. -full features of Enhanced Functionality for custom data are unlocked by paid Upgrade (on Mac OS 10.7+)

Privacy policy

No private information is collected from the download or use of our apps