kSpectra Toolkit for Mac OS X!


kSpectra Toolkit is a set of powerful tools for advanced time series analysis in many sciences, ranging from finance and economics to geophysics and biomedical sciences.

Combination of kSpectra’s spectral methods provides a powerful way to identify and predict oscillatory modes in short and noisy time series. Get your demo copy of KSpectra from our WebStore or KSpectra Lite in Mac App Store !

kSpectra Toolkit takes full advantage of Max OS X to provide you the best user experience and performance:

  1. BulletAutomator, Spotlight, QuickLook, AppleScript.

  2. Bullet64-bit on capable Macs

  3. BulletBuilt-in Help.

  4. BulletDrag-and-drop Data I/O.

  5. BulletGraphical export in EPS, PDF and QuickTime.

  6. BulletEasy and intuitive object-based data management.

  7. BulletAccelerate framework for core computational engine, which provides the best optimization for both Power-PC and Intel based Macs.

Version 3.7

   Updated for macOS 10.14

  1. Only $99 USD in Mac App Store or WebStore

Happy Fishing in Ocean of Noise!

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